How to Pull Back a Sent Email in Gmail using Undo Option.

14 Jan

Generally ‘Undo’ is act to take a step back from the step you have taken forward. Basically it’s used in general day purpose in daily activities related to computer. Gmail by Google is the best rated mail service by many which offers an ample amount of data storage online and mail storage.

One thing which has made users to stick with Gmail as their best messaging service is that its Gmail Labs features by which users can add more features which are developed by developers from Google. There are a couple of features or add on listed in Google Labs like Gmail Offline Access, Gmail Priority Inbox and one interesting which I would like to give you insight is ‘Undo Send’ option.

So what does Undo Send does?

Once this feature is enabled or activated, you can stop the messages from being sent. Oh that’s good right. But there are few limitations of it- You can only undo the messages which are sent a few seconds ago after hitting the send button, i.e., once the message is delivered to the recipient you can’t really undo it.

How to Enable Undo Send Feature

For Undo Send to work you need to enable it. The procedure for this is very simple and mentioned here.

1.            Login with your existing Gmail account.

2.            On the top right corner you will find Settings, click on it.

3.            Now proceed to Labs tab where you can find all the experiment features.

4.            Search out for ‘Undo Send‘, it will be in the bottom of the page.

5.            Click on Enable to activate this.

6.            Click on Save changes to take the settings into effects.

So that’s an interesting app launched by Google, there are lot of such kind in Gmail Labs.

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